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Doktor Archville

:What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? 'Herr Doktor Viktor Heinrich Archeville' is an omnidisciplinary science hero operating in and around Freedom City, mostly in the high-tech district of Hanover.

heropicture=Doktor_ArchevilleFCH.jpg |heroid=Doktor Archeville |secretid=Viktor Heinrich Archeville |gender=Male |birthdate=2 June 1977 |height=5'10" |weight=151 lbs |hair=Golden Blonde |eyes=Rhine Blue

Out of Character

[ Character Sheet no.1] (04/2008-06/2011)<br> [ Character Sheet no.2] (06/2011-07/2012)<br> Created and played by: Dr Archeville

Words from the Creator

“Dr Archeville” was the name I first took when I first logged on to the webernets, over a decade ago. The first few sites I went to were 'Transformers' fan sites, and most folks had handles based on some TF character. I thought of one to use, and struck upon [ Doctor Arkeville], a human mad scientist with a bionic right arm and skull-cap, and mind-controlling hypno-chips. He was only in four episodes of the original cartoon, but I thought he was cool, so I used a variant spelling of the character's name for my handle. The name's stuck, and it's one I use on most boards.

I've always liked Super-Smart characters in comics, and the many mental & social problems they have; Will Magnus, Henry Pym, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and The Doctor from Doctor Who. I also like German culture – not the fools & madmen who used “pride in our national culture” as an excuse to kill millions, but the [ music and scientists] (and the food). Doktor Archeville is my tribute to them.

In Character

Archeville's strong Aryan features would've made him a prize nab for the Nazi Party, had he been born forty years earlier. His alabaster skin, thin and imperial nose and lips, and cheeks cut of marble make for a regal face. His eyes are Rhine-blue & carry the wolf's glare, and his hair is silky and golden, falling down past his shoulders. Though he is 35 years old, he looks to be only in his mid-20s, having aged at roughly half the normal pace since his sixteenth summer.

That's what he used to look like, at least, and that's what the holodisguise presents. When it's down, his true nature – a constantly shifting hybrid of flesh, metal, and circuitry shaped like Viktor Archeville, whose voice has a slightly echoed, mechanical edge – becomes clear. (He is still Attractive in this form, just in a [ Warlock/Douglock] kind of way.)

Archeville usually wears sturdy black rubber-soled boots, black or dark blue khaki pants, a short-sleeved shirt (usually solid red, blue, green, or purple), and his white lab coat. Since he is trying to release his madness in controlled bursts, specifically so it won't overtake him, Archeville does look after his appearance, wearing clean clothes and keeping his hair neat and tidy. He stands 5'10“ (1.78 meters) and weighs 151 pounds (68.49 kg).

Of late the Doktor's genial nature has taken a more somber tone, as he has become haunted by past failures and plagued with guilt, but he tries to maintain a positive face and not let the general public see just how deeply shaken he has been by all that has transpired.


Viktor Heinrich Archeville was born in the summer of 1977 in [ Schoenwald im Schwarzwald], a small town in the majestic [ Black Forest of Germany] (which is in the southwestern portion of what was known as West Germany), in the state of [ Baden-Warttemberg]. Cynthia, his lovely mother and a skilled psychologist, died in childbirth, leaving her husband Varick to raise him alone. Varick was trying to break away from the family trade of making fine cuckoo clocks and enter the burgeoning computer programming field, and so had little time for little Viktor. Fortunately for Varick , Viktor proved more than able to take care of himself, as he was walking before he was a year old, and speaking coherent sentences by age two.

It has been said that the Archeville family was cursed with madness. Some say it was from a hex laid on one of the line's ancestors generations ago due to some slight, either real or perceived, or influence by Deep Ones. Some say it was from working with cuckoo clocks, or that they all worked on cuckoo clocks because they were mad. It was not a trait that showed up in all members of the Archeville line, and Heinrich seems to have been spared (though Heinrich's father, Verrill Herman Archeville, was known to have been a collaborator on numerous Nazi top secret weapons projects, and was very much the stereotypical Mad Scientist; Ace Danger, Bombshell, and Captain Wonder all tangled with him during the War). Varick had hoped that by distancing himself and young Viktor away from their families ties, he could lessen the chances of Viktor going mad. Varick was initially quite worried for his son's sanity – he knew that great intelligence often came with great ego, and with great ego often comes madness. Varick tried to juggle monitoring young Viktor with trying to break into the computer programming field, but doing so did nothing but cause him to develop manic/depressive syndrome and low-grade paranoid schizophrenia.

Viktor seemed hardly to notice his father's deterioration, or if he did he chose not to point it out. He made a few friends here and there, but none of his friendships lasted terribly long due to the rumors of his family's affliction (and his grandfather's past affiliations). His intellect and skill continued to grow as time passed… as did his father's madness. On Viktor's thirteenth birthday, Varick Archeville was admitted to an insane asylum (following an attempt to kill his son), leaving Viktor to be taken in by Child Services and await adoption.

Unfortunately, adoptions are tricky at best, and near impossible if the child is in his teens, so for several years, Viktor was effectively a ward of the state… which was especially hard on him, given his grandfather's status and the stigma still associated with the [ Lebensborn]. He would visit his father occasionally, but each visit grew more and more awkward and unpleasant. His father's madness had worsened, and he was diagnosed with a heretofore unseen combination of late-onset [ Tay-Sachs disease] and something akin to [ Lesch-Nyhan syndrome].

When he was 16, Viktor enrolled in the Technische Universität München, the Technical University of Munich, as the University was celebrating it's 125th anniversary. While there, the barest signs of his familial madness began to make themselves apparent. He'd find himself laughing maniacally at times, or he would become annoyed almost to the point of enragement by incompetent people. He was relieved to find that by keeping his conscious mind focused on his studies, he could suppress his outbursts and in fact use that mental energy to make impressive leaps in logic or near-revolutionary breakthrough. Unfortunately for him, the German academic world was too stodgy to accommodate his genius, so he transferred to Freedom City's Hanover Institute of Technology, where he earned a Doctorate in Mathematics and Masters degrees in both chemistry and physics by the age of 22 (Spring 1999). He could easily have done more, but he didn't want to seem too intellectually flashy.

Archeville soon returned home, but now faced a conundrum. He had numerous offers from a number of technological firms, both in Germany and in other countries, but no one seemed right for him. He was sure that if he didn't find some constructive way to use his intellectual skills, he would likely end up in the asylum (like his father) – as time passed, he felt his intellect continue to grow by leaps and bounds, and he feared his familial madness would grow with it. For many months he busied himself with being a wandering tinkerer, helping people in need of his electrical and mechanic skills, or setting up a small repair shoppe in a quiet corner of a small German town for a few months before moving on to another quaint town, and for a time he felt truly happy in helping others. As months turned into years, though, and his intellect continued to expand further and further, he began to suspect that he was a mutant/metahuman. At first this made Archeville excited, for it meant he finally had an answer to why his mind seemed to continue expanding with no end in sight, an explanation that wasn't necessarily tied to his bloodline's “condition.” This excitement soon turned to dread, though, as he realized that, were his madness to overtake him – and if it did so with as much fury and vigor as that shown by his superhuman intellect – then he could easily become a megalomaniacal supervillain, like Doc Otaku or Toy Boy (or mutate himself into a monster like the Green Man or Megalodon). He had heard vague rumors of superhero groups beginning to form in various countries, and the idea of working as a superhero intrigued him. By using his skills to combat evil and injustice – a never-ending battle – he'd be sure to never be idle and thus not allow the madness to overtake him. He worked for a while as a crime fighter in Germany, using teleportation devices to get nearly anywhere he needed. Sometimes he'd go into a situation with nothing more than his armored labcoat, trusting in his inherent genius to be able to turn whatever items he found at the scene of the crime into some gadget that could be used to stop the villains. In between “jobs,” he sold some of his theoretical notes and designs to various tech firms, and wisely invested the money to form a “nest egg” that, while not making him super-wealthy, does allow him to live comfortably without requiring a standard 9-to-5 job.

Eager to work with other high-tech heroes like Daedalus and Doctor Atom – and chafing under certain bureaucratic and snobbish aspects of German academia – Archeville has recently come to Freedom City. He plans to do great things.

Personality & Motivation

300px|thumb|right|For Science! Sexy, sexy Science!

Archeville is trying to redeem his family name and keep himself busy with important, useful work. As long as he's busy in superheroics or working on some gadget that can help himself or his teammates, he's fine. If he goes for about a week without something to do, he becomes noticeably edgy and paranoid, and will often throw himself into some project that no one can identify the reason behind.

Over the past several months, though, Archeville has noticed that his madness has been starting to manifest even if he's in the midst of something truly noble and heroic. After having fought it for so many years, Archeville is trying something new – controlled outbursts. Like rangers starting brushfires to retard the spread of a raging forest fire, or slowly opening a shaken-up bottle of soda so that the contents don't explode outwards, Archeville occasionally lets his madness have free reign. He'll laugh maniacally at times, becomes somewhat absent-minded, gets readily annoyed by incompetent people, becomes somewhat arrogant and overconfident, speaks with an exaggerated German accent, and will spends several rounds describing exactly how his latest invention will aid his allies/bring ruin to his opponents. He'll never use his inventions to kill, or even permanently harm a foe… at least, not usually.

Archeville enjoys a professional rivalry with other high technologists. He loathes magic, as it cannot be reliably controlled or scientifically analyzed (or he sees it as the user actually being a mutant or psion but deluding themselves as to the source of their abilities), and due to the possibility that his lineage's madness is the result of a mystical hex. He'll work with mages and witches if he absolutely must, but he'll grumble the whole way through.

NOTE: Archeville's inner conflicts were often represented by two ”[ Shoulder Angels/Daemons].“ On his right is an angelic version of Archeville, in a pristine white labcoat and a white-gold glow about him; this represents his conscience and morals, his super-ego. On his left shoulder is a demonic version of Archeville, with a gore-spattered labcoat, a very nasty looking bionic arm, and a cybernetic skullcap with antennae/horns projecting from it; this represents the temptations and madness within him, his desire to take disproportionate revenge over quasi-imagined slights, his id.

Powers and Abilities

:see also Doktor Archeville's inventions, Archestern, ArcheTech, Fjölnirskraft, Haus von Archeville, Schloss Wissenschaft

Archeville's enhanced intellect makes him a master of a variety of scholarly and scientific fields, from acoustics to zoology. His work stands far ahead of the efforts of most other researchers, allowing him to produce gadgets, machines, and computers more advanced than any in the real world, and in some cases more advanced than even cutting-edge technologies seen in the Freedom City world. Archeville is also skilled at using mundane items to produce highly effective gadgets and gear. Using baling wire, duct tape, circuit boards, and a TV, he could produce a laser rifle, a hologram projector, or some other gadget. With access to a standard janitorial closet, he could create potent corrosives and various types of bombs. If he has sufficient raw materials on hand, he can produce nearly any kind of technological gadget. These items last for a short time before their jury-rigged construction fails (the TV he uses to project an illusion burns out from the strain placed on it, or the crude laser pistol's barrel melts).

Archeville's brain works approximately 100 times faster than a normal human brain, through a combination of both truly working faster and being able to hold multiple trains of thought at once, and retains everything he experiences with nearly total perfection. He also requires less sleep than most people; his brain is so efficient it doesn't need “rebooting” as often as others.

Another gift of his lineage that he's only partly aware of is his odd robustness. Archeville's ancestors lived extremely long lives for their day, aging very slowly and rarely getting sick. Archeville knows of his resistance to diseases and toxins, attributing it to a “tolerance” built up over years of labwork and exposure to assorted nasty things in his career as a superhero. He has only recently begun noticing that he appears and feels younger than he should, though has not yet done any concerted study of it.

When Archeville's superhuman intelligence first became clear to him during his adolescence, he suspected that he was a mutant and arranged to get tested for active mutation. However, the tests came back negative. Soon after graduating college, he arranged to be tested again, with the same results. This baffled Archeville at first, until he came across the early works of Artur Zion (later Arthur Psion), and his work on psionic powers. Looking up news reports on the battles between the Psions and the Atoms showed that Psion's early theories had developed into working models, and this sparked in Archeville an idea: that his own mental abilities were psionic in nature, similar to 'standard' mutation but just different enough to not be picked up by the standard mutation detection tests, and to be immune to 'standard' mutation-draining or -nullifying techniques. This theory, though is horribly incorrect: Archeville's mind is enhanced due to his mystical heritage, the culmination of thirteen generations of Deep One-tainted Archevilles. Archeville's devices and inventions are all solidly scientific and technological, but his mind itself is enhanced by pseudonatural magic. Why the Deep Ones chose to alter his lineage is unknown (if indeed there even was a purpose – and if there was, it would mean the Deep One behind it was capable of very long-term planning), and even if Archeville were confronted with the truth he'd scoff at it as “an atypical mutation regarded as magical by superstitious fools.”

Archeville is a mathematician even in combat. He analyzes every possible permutation of an opponent's moves and profile almost instantly, and adapts to exploit weaknesses and apply his own strengths to their best effect. (This explains why his BAB and BDB are +8, rather than the +4 or less they should be for a regular scientist with little to no formal combat training.)

Archeville has interwoven his nigh-ubiquitous lab coat with various metallic and polymer threads that diffuse incoming energy, including kinetic energy. His gravimetric belt (utilizing both antigravity and contragravity technologies) enables him to fly and can surround him with a protective force field; the belt can also allow him to teleport short distances (creating brief, small wormholes), stabilize him against unwanted movement, and bend electromagnetic energies (light and radio waves) around him to render him invisible (as long as he doesn't move too fast – the belt cannot yet keep up with rapid movement). For a time he wielded an elektromagnetische pistole (“electromagnetic pistol”) which could unleash potent and lethal blasts of any form of electromagnetic energy (gamma rays, hard x-rays, soft x-rays, extreme ultraviolet, near ultraviolet, visible light, near infrared, moderate infrared, far infrared, microwaves, and radio waves/television), but he used the parts from it to both upgrade his gravimetric belt and construct his very versatile elektromagnetische schraubenzieher (“electromagnetic screwdriver”).

UPDATE: Following the ArchEvil Event, Viktor lost all the abilities granted by his pseudonatural heritage, but later recreated them (and some technpathic abilities) with advanced nanotechnology. Later these same nanites brought him back after a fatal encounter with the Science Squad, though in doing so they merged his Gravimetirc Belt, Electromagnetic Scredriver, and Labcoat to him. Now the powers those devices granted are within him, activated with a thought and a glance or a wave of his hand.

Recent History

:see also [ Doktor Archeville's News Forum thread]

Archeville had returned to Freedom City in January of 2008, and not long after his arrival he helped stop a rampaging psychotic plant-woman. While checking up on her in Blackstone Penitentiary, and attempting to reverse the changes the Green Man had done to her, his treatments accidentally tripped the prison's power damping fields and restored the powers of several inmates, amongst them White Knight. Archeville quickly wove a web of lies to make him think he would team up with him, while also urging him to minimize any damage they did on their way out. For the most part his plan worked, and he was eventually able to get away long enough to nab some equipment from the armory (both guard gear and some tech from the inmates) to stop him. He later tried to work with Emissary and the Freedom League on some public events (part of an audition to join that revered team), but numerous personal problems amongst other contributors (among them Captain Wonder, Gossamer, Mongrel Angel, and Velocity) prevented it from getting off the ground. Returning to HIT, Archeville began participating in their lecture series, meeting Darian Cale and Eric Micheals; follow up meetings with them lead to Cale discovering Archeville's pseudonatural heritage and Micheals hiring Archeville as a consultant for Darts, Inc. (which laid the ground for further projects). The summer was fairly quiet, but fall had two events of note: Archeville assisted the Scarab with a murder mystery, and then the two opposed the Power Corps (well, half of them) when they attacked the restaurant at which they were dining. Scarab altered everyone's memories so they thought Archeville defeated them all by himself.

2009 was far more active for the Doktor. In January, Quark & he met Dark Star, and they stopped a group of terrorists (using Grue weaponry) from destroying one of Daedalus' experimental space planes. In March, he attended a high society function with Jack Faretti and Elene Guerrero, and he gave another lecture at HIT (attended by Dark Star and crashed by Captain Knievel; the heroes and Arrowhawk were finally able to capture him). In late March, his association with Darts, Inc. lead to him being thoroughly question by the authorities after Eric Micheals was exposed as the supervillain Malice, which happened when Arrowhawk blew up the ammo dump under his home. In April, Avenger, Dark Star, Divine, Geckoman and Wesley Knight were all used as the test subjects for Doc Otaku's new improved Gender Reversal Ray; most of those involved prefer not to talk about it. In May he met with Psyche when Emissary arranged a meeting of some of Freedom's brightest minds; Emissary was unable to attend but Ace Danger moderated in his stead. Later that month he visited Eric Micheals in prison, and later still helped Avenger, Dark Star, Grimalkin, Phantom, and The Scarab nip a would-be Dimensional Conqueror's plans in the bud. In June he took the Albright Institute up on their offer to test his abilities, and in July he and Gossamer had a dinner date which was interrupted by the other half of he Power Corps, there for revenge for his defeat of their comrades. Gossamer was able to save him, but not before they'd used mind reading technology to takes schematics for several dozen pieces of advanced technology and distributed them on to the criminal underground, kicking off a wave of both upgraded and all-new tech-using villains. In August he, Quark, and Gossamer retrieved some of the Claremont kids from an interdimensional transporter mishap, and in September he was present at the Millennium Mall when it was attacked by “gremlins”, where he met Atlas. In September he was present for the disbanding of the Knights of Freedom (where he learned Arrowhawk's role in blowing up Malice's home, and Avenger's true nature), and later was almost killed by an ambush by Captain Knievel and some of the new Shadow Academy recruits, but he was saved by the timely intervention of Atlas (and healed up in time to attend Oktoberfest). Shortly after returning from his homeland, he announced the opening of ArcheTech (and secretly started the Interceptors), and later joined Jack (Avenger), Taylor (Phantom), Stesha (Fleur de Joie), Derrick (Dark Star), an incognito Ace Danger, and Lynn (Grim) in celebrating Taylor's birthday (he gave her a handmade cuckoo clock). In November, Archeville tried to protect the ArcheTech HQ from demonic forces, and escorted those he could to the safety of Ace Danger's home. In December he attended the wedding of Jack Faretti and Taylor Chun (which was attended by several other superheroes), and helped fight of Dracula's Death-Squad when they crashed it. As the month, and year, came to a close, Archeville's thoughts turned to a way to combat the “Supernatural Problem” – part of him wished to start new programs to help victims of “supernatural” attacks, and send out a call to any who would volunteer themselves for study, but his Other Side simply wants to wipe them all out.

2010 started off with three events Archeville never thought he would see. First was learning that the newlyweds Taylor and Jack were pregnant; second, assisting Ace Danger, Dark Star, Fleur de Joie, and Freedom Angel fight off the Tyranny Syndicate (which lead to him joining the Freedom League); third, the start of a long-term romantic relationship with Fulcrum. In February he had Grimalkin go undercover at Claremont and spy on Michael Harris and Alexandra Albright, and later made plans for her to spy on Zoe MacMillan; later he met with Scarab for another in a series of psychotherapy sessions, and in March he met Lukos (while trying to hunt some vampires). April was another busy month: Captain Knievel and Malice (and some other teen supervillains) broke into ArcheTech HQ, and Archeville, Divine, Jack of All Blades, Phalanx, and Sarah Prescott all opposed them; Carbon and the Doktor tracked down a bizarre string of ultra-tech robberies; and he helped Jack & Taylor deliver their baby… while fending off an attack by Dracula himself! In May a bit of his past came back to him, in the form of Rycon, a former patient who was seeking help; later he helped the city's heroes against The Grue Invasion (at one pint flying up to the Grue Armada and attacking their ships himself!), and later still provides medical assistance for anyone who gets too badly banged up when the city's heroes meet to let off some steam. In June, he helps Rift explore his powers, and later gets into a spot of trouble with the Interceptors when Avenger (whom he'd hired to test their HQ's security) goes horribly off-script.

August 2010 was full of monumental changes. First, he and his fellow Freedom Leaguers faced off against the apocalyptic apiarist, the Bee-Keeper! Later that month, he gathered together many of Freedoms best and brightest minds – including Arrowhawk, Dragonfly, Dyne, Gossamer, Ironclad, Miss Americana, Supercape, and Rift – for a “Brainiac Brunch” (Valkyrie and Victory also attended). Later he gave Fusion a routine check-up, then went to Avenger & Phantom's house to check on Jack, Jr. While there, he casually read from an eldritch tome Phantom had confiscated from some cultists, unleashing hideous squid-like abomination into the city… and his own “Id,” entering a Jekyll-and-Hyde-like state of being. Doktor Archeville continued about his normal routines, welcoming Jill O'Cure (sister of Jack of all Blades) into the Interceptors, helping Grimalkin test her powers, and interviewing Miss Americana for a job at ArcheTech, all while feeling much lighter and more chipper; he attributed this to the 'summoning' being a sort of 'mental exorcism' that expelled many of his negative personality traits, as well as the effect Fulcrum was having on his mood. (Unknown to him, when he slept his “Id” awoke and took over, and began doing horrible, horrible things, primarily intending to wipe out all mages and supernatural beings.) In October he helped patch Valkyrie up after she and Arrowhawk got into a fight with Ragnarok, and later that month he hired Miss Americana to work at ArcheTech. In November he attended some high-society events, helped Riff with a cyborg bat of unusual size, and helped Warlock/Kid Cthulhu with some medical issues. In December he offered some behind-the-scenes security help at the grand opening of The Lab, helped test Wesley Knight's powers, and had a pleasant Christmas with the Interceptors (Colt, Dynamo, Grimalkin, Jack of all Blades, and Jill O'Cure).

2011 started off exceptionally well, as Archeville was invited to be the Best Man at the wedding of Stesha Madison and Derrick Lumins, helped Ironclad with a medical issue, helped Mona move in to his Hanover home (and had a wild adventure on War-Earth due to an errant wormhole!), and helped destroy an asteroid which would have ended all life on Earth. In February he tried to spend more one-on-one time with the Interceptors, training individually with Colt, Grimalkin, and Jack of all Blades, and later helped the cheetah-man Jubatus with a routine medical checkup that turned out to be anything but routine. In March, after much insistence by Mona, he finally sought a second opinion for his own mental issues with Miss Americana and Dragonfly, and in April he helped the Interceptors plan for Colt & Grimalkin's wedding, met Mona's friend Carrie (and fought Terminus-hunting robots), and finished his Time Portal (with horrible results). In May Archeville witnessed the Fenris Wolf & Thrude manifest in Freedom, invited the goddess to join the Interceptors, hired the recently-graduated Keely White to work security for ArcheTech, attended the wedding of Colt & Grimalkin, and proposed to Mona.

Then in June everything fell apart. Following the ArchEvil Event, Archeville was admitted to Providence Asylum, naming Miss Americana as interim CEO of ArcheTech while he convalesced. A visit from Carrie in July roused him from his depression and he checked himself out of Providence, used his advanced science to recreate the mental enhancements his pseudonatural heritage had granted him (plus some extra technopathic abilities and anti-mutation safeguards), and journeyed to the Terminus to save Fulcrum. Things went awry, of course, and he wound up on a dying world orbiting a bloated, dark sun; he spent a year there, but when he finally found a way home (with a cocooned Fulcrum), only a few months had passed (though it was enough time to miss out on Oktoberfest and The Gorgon). Archeville spent several months in the bowels of ArcheTech working to free her, in time for her to celebrate Christmas and New Years with her friends and family.

2012 started slowly, as Archeville was still coming to grips with all that had happened, and keeping a low profile. In February he was invited to attend the maiden flight of a new spaceplane, with the young heroine Glow, but the flight was attacked by something from Archeville's past. In March he stopped a bank robbery single-handed, which did help rebuild his confidence, and in April had some fascinating chats with Harrier and with Edge (and a confused dragon in the remains of his castle). In May he offered his services to Fleur in her continuing reclamation of her world, offering to build a waterwheel and introduce some basic and advanced smithing techniques to the locals. In June he attended a masquerade ball in Switzerland, where he and Eve Martel confronted their blackmailing host. With July came another huge change for Archeville, as a fatal encounter with the Science Squad in Germany lead to his nanites reformatting him into a weird technorganic transhuman; he was sure to tell the Freedom League and the Interceptors about this right off, but it's something that will take some time to get used to.


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: Sep 19th, 2010: Evil!Archeville kills Dryad, Lullaby, and two others.

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:Jan 4th, 2011: Evil!Archeville kidnaps Kakoku.

:Jan 6th, 2011: Evil!Archeville burns down Ferlyn's magic shoppe, with her in it.

:Jan 9th, 2011: Evil!Archeville kills the community of mages living in a pocket dimension outside Edison, NJ, including Naxean and Berserker.

:Jan 10th, 2011: Evil!Archeville kills the Crimson Martyrs gang.

'Jan 11th, 2011': [ Bill of Health] :Evil!Archeville kills & steals the body of Black Priestess.

:Jan 13th, 2011: Evil!Archeville kills Hellbound.

'Jan 14th, 2011': [ Now You're Moving With Wormholes]

'Jan 31st, 2011': [ The Heroes are NEAR]

'February 5th, 2011': [ Science of Stabpunching 201]

'Feb 6th, 2011': [ Ballistics Is A Science, Right?]

'Feb 7th, 2011': [ Magnets! How Do They Work? Science, You Clown!]

'Feb 10th, 2011': [ I Kan Haz Humanity?]

:Feb 13th, 2011: Evil!Archeville kills Honey Bee, and frames Bee-Keeper.

:Mar 9th, 2011: Evil!Archeville kidnaps Topaz.

:Mar 22nd, 2011: Evil!Archeville kidnaps Je'La.

'March 25th, 2011': [ Second Opinion]

:April 1st, 2011: Evil!Archeville kidnaps Big Man.

'April 2nd, 2011': [ Interceptors: Planning for the Big Day]

'April 9th, 2011': [ Dine and Crash]

'April 15th, 2011': [ Time Warp Vignette] :[ Pair o' Doks]

'April 16th, 2011': [ Something Old and Something New]

:April 21st, 2011: Evil!Archeville kills American Patriot.

'May 12th, 2011': [ A Perfect Storm]

'May 13th, 2011': [ Freyja's Day, Freyja's Day, Freyja's Day]

'May 19th, 2011': [ Sleep Sound Tonight]

'May 22nd, 2011': [ Interceptors - They're Finally Getting Married!]

'June 7th, 2011': [ The Case of the Mock Magnetokinetic]

'June 17th, 2011': ArchEvil :In the aftermath, Miss Ameircana, Phantom, and Scarab erase all knowledge of superhero secret identities from Archeville's mind and computer systems.

'June 24th, 2011': [ The Doktor is In(sane!)]

'June 27th, 2011': [ Kilts & Kooks]

'July 1st, 2011': [ Off hours Visit]

'July 16th, 2011': [ Never Split the Party], folowed by [ Dunkel Sonne] {[ Planet Hulk]/[ Dark Sun] Adventure} : Archeville returns some time after September 28th, 2011.

'December 15th, 2011': [ A New Day]

'February 1st, 2012': [ Nightmare at 200,000 Feet]

'March 27th, 2912': [ Doktor, Danker, Breaker, Thief]

'April XX, 2012': [ Last Record]

'April XX, 2012': [ Lord of the Manor]

'May 25th, 2012': [ Forge Works]

'June 8th, 2012' [ Money, Money, Money]

'July 31st, 2012': Crucible Vignette: [ The Refomratting]

Other versions

:see [ Alternate versions of Doktor Archeville]

Doktor Archeville's status as one of the Earth's greatest minds (and his pseudonatural heritage) has led to his appearance in many alternate universes and spinoffs, in which the character's history, circumstances and behavior vary from Earth Prime.

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