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Comic books love their big crisis crossovers - and so do we! Here's the page for collecting the big site-wide events that have helped shape the history of the setting for our characters.

Demonic Invasion October 31-November 11, 2009 When the forces of Hell kidnapped one of Freedom City's heroes, his friends went looking for him - with fiery consequences for everyone in town! (stub)

House of L May 31-June 2, 2010 In the summer of 2010, the heroes of Freedom City dealt with a madman's attempt to retcon their history to be more like the superheroic adventures of his youth.

Gruevasion October 2010 In October of 2010, the shapeshifting alien Grue showed up on Earth with dire plans for the heroes of Freedom City. Except, of course, for the Grue who were already here! Dun dun dun! (stub)

The Conquering Mind March 5, 2011 In the spring of 2011, a powerful alien creature dominates the minds of all the heroes of Freedom City - only to find that the machine is as powerful as the mind! (stub)

Graduation Day June 1, 2011 In the summer of 2011, a small band of Freedom City heroes traveled from dimension to dimension to rescue the multiverse after its destruction at the hands of the Terminus.

Archevil: July 2011 Later in the summer of 2011, one of Freedom City's most beloved heroes went on a mad rampage of unspeakable destruction!

The Gorgon September 20-27, 2011 In the fall of 2011, the by now very overworked heroes of Freedom City dealt with a planet-sized floating head that wanted to freeze the Earth in a nanotech shell - forever! (stub)

Day of Wrath Late November 2012-Mid-January 2013 In the closing months of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, the heroes of Freedom City wrestle with the discovery that things are not as they seem - hearts as cold as steel hide behind the most familiar of faces. With deadly consequences! (partial entry)

Medieval Times January 6, 2014 Early one January morning, the heroes of Freedom City arise to find themselves the heroes of New Camelot City - and their minds changed to match the city all around them! (stub)


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