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Giant Bees: On the alternate dimension of Sanctuary, giant fire-breathing bees want to bee your friend!

The Houses of Suits: A secret society of warrior lineages who mix arcane enhancement with the slower but considerably more fun approach to genetic engineering.

List of Comics Published on Earth Prime

List of Cosmic Entities in FC:PbP

List of Cryptoterrestrial Races in FC:PBP

List of Gangs Active in Freedom City

List of Player-Created Alien Races in FC:PbP

List of Pre-Existing Alien Races in FC:PbP

List of Pre-Existing Hero Teams in FC:PbP

List of Pre-Existing Organizations in FC:PbP

List of Pre-Existing Villain Teams in FC:PbP

The Cline Family

The Interceptors A team of brash young streetwise heroes who learned early on that when a German mad scientist offers you a job, run the other way.

Young Freedom A Claremont Academy team that saved the multiverse, stopped a cybernetic organism from eating the planet, and managed to get a couple of members into a good college!

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