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Australia: Superheroes and villains Down Under!

Earth-F-Deluge-1: A drowned world, where something lies below…

Earth-G-Rand-1: An objectively totalitarian nightmare that keeps its citizens happy with bread and circuses - super-style!

Earth-Prime: The main universe of the setting.

Earth-Z-Omega-1-Extinct: A world killed first by a plague that brought cannibal madness - and then by the Terminus. Wander's homeworld.

Freedom League Special Circumstances Housing: The place where the Freedom League puts people with no other place to go.

Nicholson School: A prestigious K-8 school in Freedom City - with a super-secret!

Socotra: A Madripoor/Latveria mashup in the heart of the Arabian Sea

Za'Ak: A deadly, backwater planet. Birthplace of the Za'akis civilization.

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