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Welcome to the Wiki for the Freedom City Play-by-Post community. Herein you will find articles on the players, their characters, and summaries of their grand (or not-so-grand) exploits.

It is still very much a work in progress.

The People

Characters: All our heroes and villains, and the rest.

Visual Guide to Active Heroes

Groups: heroic, villainous, and in between.

The Staff

The Setting

Timeline: A rough chronology of adventures in the FC PbP 'verse. (Incomplete!)

Events: A list of notable events

Places: Notable locations in the FC PbP 'verse.

Maps: Official and Player-created maps relevant to the FC PbP 'verse.

Things: Notable objects and substances in the FC PbP 'verse.

External Links

Freedom City Encyclopedia (.pdf)

Freedom City map(.pdf)

Freedom City Play By Post at

FC PbP Characters Page at TV

House Rules

Newbie Guide

To set up an account, PM Sorus on the forums with the user name you want

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