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**Groups** [[group:giant.bees|Giant Bees]]: On the alternate dimension of Sanctuary, giant fire-breathing bees want to bee your friend! [[group:houses.of.suits|The Houses of Suits]]: A secret society of warrior lineages who mix arcane enhancement with the slower but considerably more fun approach to genetic engineering. [[|List of Comics Published on Earth Prime]] [[|List of Cosmic Entities in FC:PbP]] [[|List of Cryptoterrestrial Races in FC:PBP]] [[|List of Gangs Active in Freedom City]] [[|List of Player-Created Alien Races in FC:PbP]] [[|List of Pre-Existing Alien Races in FC:PbP]] [[|List of Pre-Existing Hero Teams in FC:PbP]] [[|List of Pre-Existing Organizations in FC:PbP]] [[|List of Pre-Existing Villain Teams in FC:PbP]] [[|The Cline Family]] [[group:interceptors|The Interceptors]] A team of brash young streetwise heroes who learned early on that when a German mad scientist offers you a job, run the other way. [[group:Young Freedom]] A Claremont Academy team that saved the multiverse, stopped a cybernetic organism from eating the planet, and managed to get a couple of members into a good college!

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