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====== List of Cosmic Entities in FC:PbP ====== '''Cosmic entities''', also referred to as '''cosmic beings''', possess power on a stellar, galactic, universal, or even multiversal level, far beyond those of humans or conventional superheroes. Most can be called upon by mystics for power. *'''Abbridon''': an angelic higher being associated with order and truth, called upon for magic associated with revealing the truth or banishing darkness and deception. *'''Bal'Hemoth''': sinister entity worshiped in ancient Lemuria as the iron-fisted master of order and enslavement. He taught dominance and the power of the strong over the weak, although Bal'Hemoth's ways were overthrown through generations of slave rebellions against the Serpent People of Lemuria and their inheritors. *'''Ghorummaz''': a primal, elemental force, often depicted as a serpentine dragon of stone and fire, spitting molten magma. It is strongly connected with "dragon lines" of force within the Earth and with the elements. Ghorummaz is Lord of Earthquakes and Storms, and a binder of what is unnatural. *'''Heshem''': the dark goddess of the between places, usually depicted as an ancient crone, robed and hooded, and bearing a staff or cane and a glowing lantern (often suspended at the end of her crooked staff). Cats are associated with her for their night vision and glowing eyes. Although stern and fierce, she can be a power for great good, bringing light into the darkness. Heshem is one of the Three Powers of the Modrossus. *'''Idolon''': a power of illusion and trickery. Mages call upon it for aid in concealment and crafting cunning images. *'''Kar'Kradas''': an ancient and powerful demon, known as the Whisperer in the Shadows Between Worlds. It is said he was bound in "the places between" long ago, perhaps even before time as we know it, and now he can only access the world through shadows, corners, and mirrors, perceived by some sensitives out of the corner of the eye in just a glimpse. Magicians call on the Whisperer for powers of darkness, deception, and transcending time and space. Cults have worshiped Kar'Kradas throughout time, and some have sought to free him from his imprisonment, even though doing so would mean the unraveling of the Cosmic Coil and the end of all existence as we know it. *'''Lamal the Law-Giver''': an entity of perfect order but, unlike his brother Weyan, he is concerned with order amongst individuals and societies, rather than the perfect functioning of a well-maintained mechanism. Mortals know Lamal as "the Wise" and the "Great Balance," a giver of laws, guidance, and wise judgment. For this reason, he is often a guide and patron of magicians seeking to use their powers wisely for the greater good. Lamal is one of the Three Powers of the Modrossus. *'''The Modrossus''': an amalgam of three potent mystic entities: Abbridon, Heshem, and Lamal, often depicted as a glowing being with three heads: male, female, and androgyne, or a lion, a serpent, and an eagle, each with a glowing rune on its forehead. The Modrossus is the single greatest force for positive and protective magic known to earthly magicians, and they often invoke its name and "the Magic of the Modrossus" or "Mysteries of the Modrossus" in their duties. The legendary Manual and Medallion of the Modrossus are entrusted to Earth's Master Mage. *'''The Norn''': Manifestation of cosmic destiny in the universe, sometimes known as Lady Fate, the Weaver, or She Who Is Three. "She" usually appears as a woman of varying age — a young maiden, mature woman, or aged crone — made up of starry blackness. The Norn has vast, undefined, powers, but rarely involves herself in mortal affairs. *'''Quirk''': Extra-dimensional imp who takes the form of a bored kid looking for fun things to do with his third-dimensional "toys." *'''Shatachna''': The Iron Queen and Mistress of the Seven Hells, an ancient demon associated with pain and suffering. Those seeking power and dominion call her upon to inflict pain on others, and she has claimed the souls of more than a few would-be "magisters" as her personal slaves and attendants *'''The Time Keepers''': Mysterious entities from "the end of time" devoted to maintaining order and balance within the Time Stream. They periodically appoint "Guardians of Time" (like Dr. Tomorrow) as their agents. *'''The Unspeakable One''': Cosmic entity of madness and chaos worshiped by the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign. *'''Vhoka the Destroyer''': the legendary Eater of Gods, a primal force that destroys all in his path, consuming it so it may be reborn anew. He's most often depicted as a many-armed man with a wide, toothy maw much like a shark's, and wielding several swords. Although many fear Vhoka's power, in many respects, he is an entity beyond good and evil. Still, he is opposed to the forces of creation, so magicians allied with order tend to call upon him with great caution, if at all, while those devoted solely to their own power have few qualms about calling Vhoka's wrath down upon their foes. *'''Weyan the Wheelright''': brother of Lamal the Law-Giver, and he is even more orderly than his divine twin. Weyan is an artisan, master of a vast and intricate clockwork of interlocking wheels and gears, always working to expand and maintain it. It is said the purpose of the vast mechanism is to perfect creation in some way. Perfection is Weyan's ultimate purpose, and he's called upon in matters of improving or perfecting things, or for the tremendous power contained in the wheels he makes and puts into motion. Unlike, Lamal, however, Weyan is less concerned with matters of justice, and wizards wield his power for their own purposes. *'''Yig''': god of the Serpent People, the archetypal great ancestor, master of snakes and reptiles. He is a cold-blooded creature, befitting his nature, but willing to grant power to those who serve him and his chosen ones. Followers of Yig often assume reptilian and serpentine characteristics and call on him for magic dealing with serpents, venom, and similar such things. [[Category:Characters by Race]] [[Category:Mystics]] [[Category:Lists]] · Last modified: 2015/04/14 01:18 by hg.morrison