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Main Page {{:freedom_city_skyline.jpg?200|}} Welcome to the Wiki for the Freedom City Play-by-Post community. Herein you will find articles on the players, their characters, and summaries of their grand (or not-so-grand) exploits. It is still very much a work in progress. The People [[character:|Characters]]: All our heroes and villains, and the rest. [[|Visual Guide to Active Heroes]] [[group:|Groups: heroic, villainous, and in between.]] [[the.staff|The Staff]] The Setting [[timeline:|Timeline]]: A rough chronology of adventures in the FC PbP 'verse. (Incomplete!) [[event:|Events]]: A list of notable events [[place:|Places]]: Notable locations in the FC PbP 'verse. [[maps:|Maps]]: Official and Player-created maps relevant to the FC PbP 'verse. [[thing:|Things]]: Notable objects and substances in the FC PbP 'verse. External Links [[|Freedom City Encyclopedia]] (.pdf) [[|Freedom City map]](.pdf) [[|Freedom City Play By Post at]] [[|FC PbP Characters Page at TV]] [[|House Rules]] [[|Newbie Guide]] To set up an account, PM Sorus on the forums with the user name you want

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